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My name is Yurika from ÜRIKMÄD illustration, I’m a Japanese freelance artist and running my art online shop.
I like to draw colorful fantasy worlds filled with lovely animals and flowers.
ÜRIKMÄD is the contraction of my name using the German alphabet. I like this “Ü” because it looks like a smiley face♡

totebag cat gif
totebag cat

From my art, I am making various goods such as postcards, accessories, art print and more. I want to send you a warm feeling moment through my colorful animals and flowers. You can find them on my online shop and sometimes on convention events or art exhibitions.
All products are made in Tokyo and packed with love!
I hope my art will become a part of your life and give happiness to your place!

coloring poster
clay pin

My artist career started when I moved to Berlin in 2012.
Living there for 3 years and traveled around Europe, it offered me various experiences that express within my paintings.
Currently married and back in Tokyo. I enjoy drawing everyday in my room studio.
If I’m not painting, I’m probably watching Netflix, cooking or walking/riding my bike around our neighborhood.
(I also like to think about nature, the environment and organic life.)

Please feel free to get in touch with me for commission work, collaboration or even if you would like to have a chat